Quân chủng Hải quân của Quân đội nhân dân Việt Nam còn gọi là Hải quân nhân dân Việt Nam

Tên công ty – Mã số thuế: Quân chủng Hải quân của Quân đội nhân dân Việt Nam còn gọi là Hải quân nhân dân Việt Nam
Tên giao dịch (tiếng Anh): THE VIETNAM PEOPLE’S NAVY
Ngành nghề chính: QUÂN CHỦNG HẢI QUÂNCỘNG HÒA XÃ HỘI CHỦNGHĨA VIỆT NAMTCT TÂN CẢNG SÀI GÒNĐộc lập -Tựdo -Hạnh phúcSố: 1569/TB-TCT-KHKDThành phốHồChí Minh, ngày 18 tháng 9năm 2014V/v trKính gửi: -Quý Hãng tàu, Đại lý hãng tàu;-Quý Khách hàng.Trước tiên, Tổng công ty Tân Cảng Sài Gòn (TCSG) xin chân thành cảm ơn sựhỗtrợvà hợp tác quý báu của Quý Hãng tàu, Khách hàng đối với chúng tôi

Saigon NewportCorporation (SNP) would like to sincerely thank for your valuable support and cooperation during the years.Up to this day, there has been an uptrend in volume of empty containers, especially empty reefers, at Cat Lai yards. So as to avoid over-dwelling at Cat Lai yards while strictly complying with regulations on maximum truckload ; maintain services quality and daily activities of Shipping lines,Customers at Cat Lai port , SNP would like to suggest as follows:-Shipping lines strictly comply with Notice Nr. 306/TCT-KHKD dated 1stJuly 2014 concerning limit on empty volume (dry) stored at Cat Lai yards. For shipping lines those exceed their limits, SNP will move excessive empty containers to depots under SNP’s management (TC –Suoi Tien, TC –Hiep Luc, TC–Song Than, TC –Long Binh…) as per prior notice. We will keep Shipping lines informed of container list and destinations before moving.-To guaranteethe progress of Tan Cang land hand-over to investors, SNP will continue to move empty containers to depot TC –Suoi Tien (free of charge) then deliver to customers. Moving plan and list of containers will be settled as per discussion with respective shipping lines.-All containers to be repaired (regardless of Port’s charge or Shipping lines’ charge) will be moved to depot TC –Suoi Tien except for empty containers to be exported or stuffed will be dropped off at Cat Lai or other SNP’s premiseas per Shipping lines’ requests.Kindly update details and capacity of Depot TC –Suoi Tien and TC –Hiep Luc yard as below:1. Depot Tan Cang –Suoi Tien: -Address: Nr. 02, Hoang Huu Nam St., Long Thach My Ward, Dist. 09, HCMC.-Area: 05 ha.-Services: Empty container management and services for empty containers-Operations start:from 1stOctober 2014.
2.Tan Cang –Hiep Luc Yard: -Address: Nr.938A13, Nguyen Thi Dinh St., Thanh My Loi Ward, Dist.02, HCMC-Area: 1.3 ha (container yard); 3000 m2 (warehouse). (Expected to expand up to 3 ha in 2015)-Services:Domestic warehousing; Stuffing container.CFS services; unstuffing import-export containers (conditional as per approval from Customs Office)Empty container management and services for empty containers-Operations starts from 3rdSeptember 2014.Depot TC –Suoi Tien and TC –Hiep Luc yard are managed and operated by Tan Cang Warehousing JSC (a subsidiary of SNP). All activities and operations at these premises are integrated into SNP’s common management system; and conform to contracts, agreements between SNP and Shipping lines, Customers and SNP’s regulations.SNP would like to suggest Shipping lines generate code to manage containers at the two premises.This notice takes effect from the date of signatory
With thanks and Best regards
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Listing Title: Quân chủng Hải quân của Quân đội nhân dân Việt Nam còn gọi là Hải quân nhân dân Việt Nam